SVG Ventures invests in next generation cloud software, agriculture and food technology, IoT, and biotechnology companies. 

our portfolio companies


Augean Robotics (AGR)
AGR develops labor-saving robots for farmers. Burro, is a robotic cart that follows pickers like a dog, and can run back down a row to be emptied at a collection point.

Technology-based company working in agricultural yields mapping and forecasting.


Patented sensors, software and service solutions for detecting pests, diseases and fertility issues inside the canopy of crop fields.


Boost Biomes
Microbiome company focused on harnessing the power of microbiomes which play a critical role in areas ranging from agriculture to human and animal health.

Intrinsyx Bio logo and text.jpg

Specialized microbe that has proven to fix nitrogen aerobically throughout the inside of plants as well as improve yield, N and P efficiency, and abiotic & biotic stress tolerance.


The company’s hybridization technology allows the production of non-GM hybrid seeds in crop plants that are currently mostly non-hybrid such as wheat-


Orbis MES Ltd.
Software and systems integration company established to provide Smart Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) to the global food and beverage industry. 

Persistence Data Mining
Patent pending process and proprietary algorithms are able to collect more data sets per acre to refine the fertilizer prescriptions maps


Inexpensive, patent pending process to transform food waste into chemical free, organic nutrients for both soil based and hydroponic cultivation. 

Trace Genomics
Trace Genomics develops microbial evaluation products to improve soil health and disease management.

Delivers data-driven decisions in agriculture and natural resource management.

Blends machine learning and computer vision for a fully transparent and digitized food system.


Tortuga AgTech
Builds Digital Horticulture facilities to provide healthy, sustainable fresh produce.

MicroGen Biotech
Develops high-performance micro-biomes for agricultural crop production and environmental remediation.

leverages cutting-edge remote sensing and drone technologies for agriculture clients.

monitors environmental conditions to empower growers to achieve more productive and sustainable agriculture.


3Bar Biologics
Creates ecologically sound products that increase yields and protect farmer’s investments in land and seed



Builds autonomous robots for an organic world.


EZ-Lab's AgriOpenData is a digital hub to manage, certificate and share agri-information.

Farm Dog

Changes the way growers choose, use, and purchase pest and disease treatments.


Pharmaceutical company with a unique patented drug delivery technology that can solve even the most complex bioavailability challenges.

Mcor Technologies 3D printers set the standard for truly accessible 3D printing

OVGuide is a website aggregator which allows users to find online video content.

Gneo enables people to focus not just on doing more things, but on doing the right things.


Experts offering patented, leading technology to optimize over-the-top (OTT) video through the Internet. 

Compact Imaging
Making advanced biometrics mobile for a wide consumer audience

Stringify transforms the way you connect your life, by bringing your physical and digital Things together.

Trustev vets your transactions in real time, to stop fraud online and allow real customers to buy. We can tell you who is genuine or not.


Smarter interactions with your online customers and prospects

Big Data for restaurants